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Consumer Proposal: Canada's #1 Alternative to Bankruptcy

A consumer proposal is the only debt settlement program administered by the federal government. It was introduced into the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act as an alternative to bankruptcy for individuals who are struggling with debt payments but do not want to file bankruptcy.

A consumer proposal gives you protection from your creditors while you make a deal to repay a portion of your debts. You pay only what you can afford. Your creditors get more than they would in a bankruptcy. It’s a win-win for both you and your creditors.

The only way to file a Consumer Proposal is through a licensed Consumer Proposal Administrator. Your administrator is also a licensed bankruptcy trustee since both procedures are governed by the federal government through the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. If your counsellor is not a trustee, they cannot file a Consumer Proposal for you.

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Avoid Filing Bankruptcy – Compare Your Options

You don’t want to go bankrupt but are confused about your options. Each have different advantages and disadvantages and we recommend you compare each alternative carefully to see which might be best for you. In Canada, you may choose to consolidate your debts through a debt consolidation loan, refinance with a second mortgage, talk to a credit counsellor about a Debt Management Plan or settle your debts through a Consumer Proposal.

A Consumer Proposal Administrator is required by law to discuss all of these alternatives with you.

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I’m finding that I meet with more people every day who have heard of consumer proposals, and are interested in them as an alternative to bankruptcy, but it seems many are not completely sure about what they are or how consumer proposals work. Here are 25 important facts about proposals: A consumer proposal is a legal arrangement, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, that can be made between you and your creditors. It will help reduce your debt load and improve your…

Improve Your Credit Score by Filing a Consumer Proposal

You want to eliminate your debts by filing a consumer proposal, but you are afraid that your credit score will be harmed, and you will never be able to borrow again. Most of the people I meet with have that same worry. You are not alone.  Fortunately, I have some good news: In most cases a consumer proposal will improve your credit score. Here is an actual case history (with all identifying information changed): Joseph M….

DMP or Consumer Proposal? Compare The Payments.

Two very popular debt reduction programs available to Canadians include a debt management plan and a consumer proposal. While both involve negotiation with your creditors with the assistance of a third party (a trustee in the case of a consumer proposal and an accredited credit counselling agency for a debt management plan), a consumer proposal can provide more relief in terms of lower monthly payments in most situations. To help you compare the potential cost…