25 Things You Must Know About Consumer Proposals

I’m finding that I meet with more people every day who have heard of consumer proposals, and are interested in them as an alternative to bankruptcy, but it seems many are not completely sure about what they are or how consumer proposals work. Here are 25 important facts about proposals: A consumer proposal is a legal arrangement, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, that can be made between you and your creditors. It will help reduce your debt load and improve your…

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Joint Consumer Proposals – When It’s A Good Idea

Most consumer proposals are filed by one person, but it is possible to file a joint consumer proposal. We will start with the assumption that you are eligible to file a consumer proposal and that this is the best debt relief solution. Whether or not you should file a consumer proposal jointly, or individually, depends on the circumstances. Joint Proposals are for Joint Debts A joint proposal can be filed where two people have debts that…

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Who Talks to My Creditors?

The main reason most people consider filing a consumer proposal is that they want to stop the companies they owe money to (their creditors) from calling. Unfortunately many “debt consultants” take your money, but don’t actually talk to your creditors! Why? Because their strategy is for you to avoid your creditors for as long as possible in the hopes that by avoiding them they will be more agreeable to making a deal on your debts….

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