Beware Ads Advertising Government Debt Relief Programs

Have you seen any of the ads touting “Government of Canada Debt Relief Programs with promises to reduce your debt by 60, 70, even 80%?”  The businesses running these ads are trying to sell you “consulting services” – they’ve “been there before,” they know the “tricks of the trade,” they “know a guy…”  Please tell me you are not falling for any of this. The Government of Canada is not in the debt reduction business….

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There Is No Cost To Your For Filing A Consumer Proposal

Your monthly consumer proposal payment includes all fees and taxes.  You make one, all inclusive, payment, which is based on what you negotiate with your creditors. It is as simple as that. So how does the Trustee get paid? The government sets up a tariff allowing the Trustee or Consumer Proposal Administrator to be paid out of the funds collected for your creditors.  You don’t pay the Trustee any extra payments, no up-front fees either. …

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Debt Consultants Still Preying on the Unwary

I’ve met with several people who have enrolled in programs or entered into contracts with unlicensed debt consultants. These ‘consultants’ said they would help them through a  debt relief or debt settlement program.  I won’t name the companies, because sadly there are too many out there to name. They approached these companies because they didn’t want to file for bankruptcy. They assumed talking with a trustee meant filing bankruptcy. This meant that they were vulnerable to…

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