Debt Consultants Still Preying on the Unwary

I’ve met with several people who have enrolled in programs or entered into contracts with unlicensed debt consultants. These ‘consultants’ said they would help them through a  debt relief or debt settlement program.  I won’t name the companies, because sadly there are too many out there to name. They approached these companies because they didn’t want to file for bankruptcy. They assumed talking with a trustee meant filing bankruptcy. This meant that they were vulnerable to…

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How is a Proposal Better than a National Debt Relief Program?

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard a commercial for a National Debt Relief Program available to people that owed more than $10,000 to their creditors. The first thing that I asked myself is why do you have to owe at least $10,000 in order to qualify?  The second thing I asked myself was is this a government sponsored program? So I did some searching on the internet and just as…

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What is this Government Program to Reduce Debt?

We have all heard the radio ads, seen the TV commercials or the internet ad about a new government program available for a limited time to help Canadians reduce their debt. Remember that old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”? Well, you guessed it, there is no such government program. If there is, don’t you think the Canadian government would be promoting it and wouldn’t everyone be enrolled? After…

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